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Consultant, sensitive and writer - awarded the Greatest Mentalist of the World award in Japan and Colombia. Exiled for years, Ivan Trilha obtained the referendum of his gifts in the II Cycle of Investigations of Paranormal Phenomena in Mexico and in the Institute Methapsychics of Paris.             

Having of an authentic interest in people he published several books and discs of new age music. Ivan Trilha was the forerunner of alternative therapies, new age music and the appreciation of the power of the human mind. He is, above all, a sculptor of people.             

Possessing an extreme ability to rescue and activate the potential of man, preparing him to undertake his flight and triumph over the planet. His strength, wisdom and love for mankind made him a man without frontiers, without barriers to dream and to realize.             

Through individual consultancies, lectures and conferences and / or workshops, Ivan Trilha follows the world by helping people meet their maximum potential ; Overcome difficulties and overcome physical, emotional and spiritual barriers.



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